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"Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility." - Peter Drucker

PERFORMANCE. It's what mutual fund investing is all about. So to keep you abreast of how various types of equity funds are performing, which funds are leaders and laggards and how the largest funds are doing, that information is now just a click away.

Weekly Fund Performance by Investment Objective - This shows how the various categories of funds have performed through 10/1/15.
Weekly Fund Performance by Investment Objective (Fixed Income) - This shows how the various categories of funds have performed through >10/1/15.
Performance for the 25 Largest Mutual Funds - This shows how the big guns are doing through 10/1/15.
2015 3rd Quarter Results - This shows how the various categories of funds performed through 9/30/15.
2015 3rd Quarter Fixed Income Results - This shows how the various categories of funds performed through 9/30/15.
Quarterly Mutual Fund Performance Archive
Investment Objective Definitions
Mutual fund performance data thankfully supplied to us by Lipper, Inc.

Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series — September 23, 2015
Funds had aggregate net inflows of $8.6 billion (including mutual funds and exchange-traded funds [ETFs]), for the fund flows week ended Wednesday September 23, 2015. Pat Keon, Lipper Research Analyst, speaks to the highlights in this week's fund flows video.

Lipper 2015 Q1 Preliminary U.S. Fund Flows Review WebEx Replay
Funds (including both mutual funds and ETFs) experienced overall net inflows of approximately $9.0 billion during the first quarter of 2015.

Lipper 2015 Q1 Equity Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay
Tom Roseen Tom highlights investment trends for equity funds during Q1 and provides his outlook for next quarter.

Lipper 2015 Q1 Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay
In this quarter’s review Jeff Tjornehoj reflects on the close relationship oil prices and Treasuries have these days and the impact that’s had on performance in many sectors.

When fear and money rule gun control, lives don’t matter much
After the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that killed 20 children and six adults, I like thousands of others thought for sure something would be done to enforce stricter gun laws in America but that didn’t happen.
(From My Blog: Palm Beach Money)
Rich guys and their pricey shoes
Women with plenty to spend aren’t the only ones who have a love of high-priced shoes—when guys make it big they shop for shoes, too.
(From My Blog: Palm Beach Money)
Legal vows: Married couples entering postnuptial agreements
Marriage isn't easy, no matter your income level. Take The Simpsons. When the new season begins this fall, there will be a twist: Marge and Homer are separating after 27 years of marriage.
(Special to the Daily News)
A Decade of Decline: Middle-Tier Median Income Household Income Declines
Take a look at this chart showing the decline of middle-tier household income and net worth over the past decade.
(Courtesy of Pew Research Center)
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The Importance of End-of-Life Estate Planning
Jane Brown, a Wills and Estate attorney at Gunster in Palm Beach, FL talks about the importance of end-of-life estate planning along with common misperceptions and issues everyone needs to consider
Tim Harris on Today's Health Care Shortage
Tim Harris, FSA, MAAA and co-chairperson of the Society of Actuaries Committee on the Living to 100 Symposium, talks about today's healthcare shortage and America's shortage of doctor and nurses.
Retirement and Working Longer
Anna Rappaport, FSA, MAAA and president of Anna Rappaport Consulting, was one of the presenters at the Society of Actuaries "Living to 100" program held in Orlando earlier this year.
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Bank CD Rates - 45 Year Graph NEW! Average daily rate per month for the 6 month Bank CD is graphed.
Deficits forever. Stop freaking out: U.S. deficits are nothing new. Here's a graph that shows plenty.
Morningstar Chart: U.S. Market Recovery After Financial Crisis. Cumulative return of balanced portfolio after various events.
Want to become a millionaire? You can do it! Find out what it takes.
Start mutual fund investing with $500 or less! Find out how.
College Savings/529 plans: Learn the differences between them.
When Hawks Prey on Bulls: A chart from Ibbotson about the effects of war on the market.
Impact of Natural Disasters on the Market: Ibbotson has just put together a chart that illustrates the historical impact of natural disasters on the U.S. stock market.

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